[Vwdiesel] Nozzle talk for beginners-----( the hagar snozzle )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Nov 15 11:16:52 EST 2004

Great discussion ----     IMHO     the nozzles were tweeked in Germany due to stringent
emission standards.

I talk ONLY   about VW diesels 1977 to 1984 .

Gary Orlando   or Gary Bangs  posted a good thread some time ago and an other
member listed all the nozzles with numbers and all as well.

I personally tested ALL the avaiable nozzle for 1.5 L NA  1.6 L NA  and 1.6 L turbo.
and they all works just fine.

I have mixed the injectors  short spring and long spring    they all worked just fine.

I prefer the long spring version    for ALL model engines.     BUT do not scap the OLD
1.5 L NA injectors --- the body is ok.

So what is different in the nozzles ?     1 . angle of seat of pintle.  2. material (maybe)

Look at nozzle and it will say  193  or 293 or 273 .   all are ok.

I am driving a 1984 1.6 L Turbo Rabbit every day with   193 Nozzles.   Works like the
dickens   NO smoke   good starting.   and 78 miles to the gallon Imp. Measured
with pyrex beaker.   Yes mixed driving.

Yes I have experimented with different breaking pressures.   Very interesting    very
tricky.   Bunny Bondo is set like James Hansen  suggested  a tad high.

I swear by GOD   by Jehowah by Allah by Odin and Thor    that I will pay 50 000 dollars
for a brand new 1984 Rabbit turbo identical to  my seetheart BUNNY BONDO.

What a design ----  absolutely magnificent.


PS :  Canadian dollars.

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