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Sat Oct 2 19:09:50 EDT 2004

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TexasVWdriver at hotmail.com writes:

> Sounds like fun!  Where abouts do you live?  PNW, right?  Would be a nice
> long journey.  Would have to be in the summer, though.  I have two kids in
> school right now.

  Yeah, I still figure on an actual summertime dieselfest but thought maybe 
some would want to try and get together before winter hits.  Either here or 
the beach.  Figured the beach would be best for the summer.  :)  
Here is Cashmere WA, geographical center of the state.  Beach is Pacific 
Beach is fairly straight West, just below Moclips, about 15 miles North 
of Ocean Shores.  I'll try and get a page made up with Motel and the State 
Park links, phone numbers and such as well as make as much parking and 
flop room as I can at the shack.

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