[Vwdiesel] Parts Cleaning ----( the solvent solution )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Oct 3 13:48:00 EDT 2004

I am glad Val Christian put this cleaning issue on the agenda.

When we get an OLD VW diesel  --- real cheap ?  --what is the first problem ?
you guessed it ---"D" in diesel stands for DIRT. --Black filthy dirt and it spreads
like peanut butter ---real easy. ----My washing machine has "Ring around the collar".

Now I know Val Christian  -- and I know that he has cleaned parts like the best of us.

This way or crossways -- Loren , Val,Doyt,James,Sandy and Hagar ---between them has cleaned
more parts than ----- ?   --I am lost for words.

But in the SOLVENT category ? who but Mark would come up with OLIVE oil ?

The fact is that those organic solvents turn out to be the best.  Like ORANGE solvent ?

look up history of solvents and one is way ahead --- ESSO  Varsol.   in that group I
think that Stoddard is in there too.

I am 72 and my first memory of "Cleaning" ? yup brown soap ---it was like grease and
my mother used it all the time.  

Then the WAR # 2.  and 40 % handsoap ? bar soap ?  ---try to get foam with that ?.(Shit)

On to Carbon Tet  ----great cleaner no fire hazard and it evaporated like stink.

So why do I vote for Orange and the like ?  bio degradable and no fumes ---    Orange peel
solvent are front line up here now.   My corporate donor kindly let me try it out ---by the

For your hands and sink ? try Fast Orange.   

Will Electra sol and an old Pot Scrubber dishwasher do a good job ? you bet your ass.

As you all know I am for the "small guy"  so if you flush it down the toilet use orange solvent
the small alligators down there can handle that ---NOT petroleum products.

In my "Prime" I would get a 45 gallon barrel of Varsol ---take toe top off and dip engine blocks in there.   50 dollar crude ?   --forget about petroleum solvents for cleaning. ---one exception--
Gasoline is still number one in a pinch.

Of all the systems for solvent cleaning that I have heard of --nothing compares
to the evaporator condensing on the part system.   A sealed cabinet with heaters
evaporating the solvent --the solvent taking the grease to the bottom.

Do I have a still for Varsol ? yup had it since 1967  ---made from a pressure cooker
electric.-------be careful Varsol is chlorinated hydrocarbon.

And someone mentioned M.E.K. ?   I seem to remember that in aircraft Hangars.

There are few solvents that I did not bump in to somewhere --in my travels.  And
ALL the GOOD ones are nasty ---NASTY ---read my lips.-----killers pure and simple.

Turco --Sol  ?   non toxic ?    be careful.   ---Does it work ? sure does.

And Jeff Rakus --grab that Rabbit before it is a gone.

Rabbits are going to be very high in demand in America and the UK  ---pretty soon.

Sheet metal parts are available from Denmark  ---to completely fix a rusted Rabbit.

Nothing runs like a DEERE ? bullshit my Rabbit does. ---Just love that Bunny Bondo
girl ----Repaving was done up here and those Laser guided Pavers ----man they sure make
that pavement SMOOTH. (Laser ? a guess).

Those orange and the like solvents ? what is so special ?  they are water soluble. --
that is What.

Is a Rabbit worth fixing ?   in my judgement ? if not now --it will be pretty soon.


PS : and if you yell at me keep your language CLEAN.     ----Cleanliness IS next
to godliness.

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