[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 119 --- ( World teachers day 2004 ).

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Oct 5 12:34:31 EDT 2004

When I stumbled in to this place  "Hogswarts School of Diesel Magic"   (Loren is Hagred)
I could not have predicted how fast --how steep the learning curve was going to be.

Of course with so many good teachers I should have suspected that things would move on.

Polishing an Apple for Loren --- a crap apple might be fun. ???.

I am happy to say that I passed my mid term exam 100 % ----score ? yup 100.

Ask  Robert from UK  the Limey (real diesel mechanic)    he put me to the test.

So I am about half way to graduating as a VW diesel wizard.   I did the test on a
1.5 L NA   1979 Rabbit.  on  Oct 02 --2004.

Would I like to teach ?    --- yes . If I ever go to Lorens dieselfest --I will volunteer
to give a short lecture on RUDIMENTARY fuel testing. As you can see from the news
a pair of Americans got the Nobel prize for pinpointing the reason that Hagar can remember
from 1945 ---what good diesel smells like.

Vinetasters go by smell ?   Coffee tasters go by smell ? --so why not FUEL ?.


PS : Oh yeah and a bit about the VALUE of blotter testing --liquids.

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