[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 119 --- ( World teachers day 2004 ).

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Oct 7 14:14:38 EDT 2004

Lorens wand ? ---has to be APPLE wood.  ---core ?   ---NO not Apple core.

 ;-)  Apple core, cute...
Mine's either a 1" x 1 1/2" x 14" aluminum straight edge that I milled 
while at the machine shop.  :)  Handy thing, just a tad fragile.  My other 
is a couple of bent wires.  I can find power and phone wires, generally 
burried pipes and sometimes water but no bets on water.

Loren and ALL  :     Finding things below the surface using bent pieces of wire ?
is NOT Magic ?   ---what the hell is it ?.

Hagar's WAND ?     Pacific Dogwood    ----- how do you tell a Dogwood in all that green
out there if they are not in bloom ?  simple  -----  you can tell a DOGWOOD by its "BARK".

On the internet you may find a bunch of bullshit posted by people who does not know
shit from wild honey.

They will tell you that the B.C.Dogwood is protected by LAW  --so you can not get a WAND.

Those people have never read the act.-----I have.    Does an act exist ? absolutely.
Very interesting piece of legislation.   

I regret not giving Gavrik Peterson a Dogwood WAND while he was here---- just as
a test ---I think , after meeting him that his WAND is Carbon fiber with a
superconducting magnetic core.

I own a number of Dogwoods  --and I shall make a number of  WANDS   for you guys
at NO charge.     Really nice wood ---it polishes like mad   very dense and smooth.

First one for DOYT for his help on the injection pumps.------Yes Doyt it will be
certified as real by the local Medicine Man. (Woman)  at Sliammon.

For cancer   use a Yew   ---Wand.

What does this have to do with  VW  Rabbits ? you may ask ..   more than I will
ever be able to explain.   -------    Let me twist that one a bit  ---what does the
spirit of innovation have to do with going to the MOON ?  ---How did the VOLKS
wagon come about ?  ----  Yes   the spirit and  a lot of MAGIC.   (and hard work).

If you poo poo magic ?   you never met people of GENIUS like I have     ---and the
 great entertainer   the Hypnotist   Reveen --- yes I performed on his show.
(Orpheum Vancouver BC)

Am I a naive person ?   ---not on your ass.    

For you teachers out there with VW's ?    you are getting bombarded with adds about
The prince and Me ?   ----- Denmark had NO king since Frederik 9   and he had NO sons
---so  there is NO KING of Denmark  ----so it is fixtion.   But if you have daughters and
Romantic's in your family ?  ---go see it. ----I enjoyed it .   Frederik 9 died about 1972.

He was a super nice KING:


PS :  boy oh boy am I getting in to the MAGIC or what ?

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