[Vwdiesel] re-ring done, but no start

Bart Wineland bwinelan at allegheny.edu
Tue Oct 12 08:50:10 EDT 2004

Well I got curious last night and went out and pulled the injectors. When I 
took the injector lines off they did drip fuel so they must be getting fed. 
I did not check one while cranking but will tonight.  I pulled all four 
injectors out and did a compression test and it ain't great. Range from 320 
to 380 so the new question is is that enough compression to say the valves 
are working? Should I expect more compression with new rings that have not 
had a chance to really operate yet? I'm trying to picture everything in my 
goofy head and keep thinking if a valve stem is bent it would not  lift the 
valve so the valve would stay closed which would mean it would still build 
compression in the cylinder but would not allow anything in or out? Hoping 
that thinking is wrong.  Bear with me guys I'm learning but it takes me 
awhile. I have to lay awake at night to work up these questions :)



At 02:35 AM 10/12/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>   Yes, a compression test would tell if a valve was bent and is leaking.  I
>managed to start my Jetta for the first time without setting the cam
>timing properly after setting the pump.  You could hear the valve clacking
>against the pistons.  Still didn't bend them.  I pulled the cover and checked
>clearances and all were still (luckily) what they'd just been set to.  :)
>It sounds like your pump is timed correctly (not 180 off) because the
>dial gauge moves funny, compared to just backing up about a mm, if
>it's 180 out.  As I recall though the keyway is 180 off, from the casting
>marks on the pulley/gear between the TD and NA engines.
>     We always loosened the blade screw headed bolt and pushed the
>cold start all the way to its stop before setting timing.  I think if you
>check, you'll see that the knob will still pull it full travel afterwards.
>   Have you loosened an injector line and checked for spurt while
>     Loren
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