[Vwdiesel] re-ring done, but no start

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Tue Oct 12 11:13:44 EDT 2004

> injectors out and did a compression test and it ain't great. Range from 320 
> to 380 so the new question is is that enough compression to say the valves 
> are working? Should I expect more compression with new rings that have not 
> had a chance to really operate yet? I'm trying to picture everything in my 

	These readings are consistent with my experience checking new
	rings prior to break-in.  

	You might consider "leak down" testing of the compression.
	Pressurize the combustion chamber, with the crankshaft
	locked in place.  If you're at TDC and there's air 
	leaking into the intake or the exhaust, then you may have a 
	valve problem.

	You might try adapting your compression checker adapter to 
	a regulated supply of air.


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