[Vwdiesel] re-ring done, but no start

82 Diesel Westy dieselwesty at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 12 11:19:07 EDT 2004

To clear the air from the fuel lines, do this.  Worked
great for me.
First, fill the pump via the banjo bolt for fuel
return line to tank hole as described earlier.

Next, disconnect the fuel line feeding the pump and
put in coffee can.  Then, have someone wrap a rag
around an air nossel and fit it into the tank filler. 
Push air into the fuel tank with about 15-20psi, this
will force fuel out of the line and bleed the air out
of the lines, reconnect to pump when all bubbles are

Good luck.  That works for me every time.

--- LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

>   Is your pump 180 off?  That's easy to do.  If you
> bent any valves it won't 
> crank over right (sound).  It'll sound more steady
> rather than the regular 
> cranking/pulsing sound you're used to.  Double check
> your marks, TDC, 
> cam slot parallel with #1 lobes uppish, groove on
> inner rim of pump 
> pulley up, and cold start knob IN when you set the
> pump timing.
>   Make sure when the cold start knob is in that the
> cable is slack enough 
> to allow the lever on the pump to go all the way
> seated.  Have someone 
> crank while watching the clear fuel supply line for
> bubbles.  That was a 
> majority of Milton's problem recently, I think.  It
> can take a minute or 
> two's worth of cranking to clear the air and get it
> going sometimes.
>      Loren
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