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gary gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Tue Oct 12 22:03:53 EDT 2004

Please don't be offended at this reply, but this subject has been kicked
around much too long, and I intend to put it to bed.

Year   Engine  VW part#   Bosch part#  Bosch SD#
  ->79 CK 1.5  068130211  0434250063   DN 0 SD193

80->85 CR 1.6  068130211B 0434250103   DN 0 SD293
       MD (All NA +TD Mech)  

86->90 ME 1.6  068130211D 0434250138   DN 0 SD273
       MF (All NA +TD Hyd)

90->92 1V 1.6  068130211H 0434250159   DN 0 SD159

The above information has been pulled from EKTA, actual Bosch documents,
and misc group postings of yesteryear.  

http://www.gprparts.com   $10.61
Do a part# search and enter 068130211b

Don't go...
http://www.impexfap.com  They are on Crack for their prices  $42.51
Hopefully they are mis-listing the entire injector for that price.

Look at...
go to euro parts, then VW, enter 068130211b   $9.69
Rusty is the MAN in the MB world. Not to shabby for non-MB parts as

do part# search for 068130211b... comes up with 0 434 250 103 as an
alternate (hello? McFly!)... $8.42

These are but just a few on-line shops that sell them. Don't always
trust the year/make/model part selectors. Always rely on the actual part
numbers when searching/ordering.


On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 16:37, infoaudi81 wrote:
> Hi...
> So what's the bottom line on nozzles? Is the $9 nozzle a reality and 
> where? I've waded thru' the posts and can't find a source. Can you 
> help, as I am a "new" member.
> Peter.

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