[Vwdiesel] head gasket of course!!

cass iscass at shaw.ca
Fri Oct 15 01:09:55 EDT 2004

hi kids.
so hope you're all doing well..

the little rebuilt motor in jetta is doing almost just great..
(1981 1.6. na rebuilt..new pistons head re done n resurfaced...block checked...piston projection checked n such...)

starts incredible
no smoke.
half a crank.
burns no oil..
no oil in water..no water in oil..no steam out back (all of which ive had at one time in way past)
(((on CAR)))
ok..so..i put 7000 flawless km on it..
re torque is done when said in stretch bolts
((very unnerving)
i notice one day..a lil bit of green coolant around gasket..typical places..
at front on 'obed' tab...and at back (driver side)on block tab...
a couple lil run 'tracks' at front...no real drips..
just an anal retentive nightmare!
it doesn't happen again..
drive another 1,500 km...nothing...
so i  take lil jetta on trip to interior (kamloops)
we do some hills n some fast driving..(((weeeeeeee))))
i learn how to fly fish (not brave enuff to try with real hook..but caught one just casting :o)   )
drive home.no leaks..clean(cause i wipe it with rag too regularly)
drive for few weeks..no leaks.
no over heats..or even close to over heats..
damn thing is running lovely..
but..then it happens again...green around head gasket..(like equivalent to one big drip)))
i checked the front hose thingy..on head
(technical term??)
not leaking.

i may try re torque head...stretch bolts..
im thinking maybe a 1/4 turn on each?
bad? good?

NEXT time i re do this..im going to those race ware ones...

another question......
ok..so i have had this head milled.
now..maybe some one ///p/o? had it milled too?
ok..so will that affect the tightness?
of head bolts?
will they bottom out?
((cause im making the head 'thinner' sorta?))
just a concern...im not that bright!!

thank you all...


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