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Bond wires on ordinary  processors are aluminum, as is the  internal wiring.
Its cheap, and it's lifetime can be easily predicted.

Bond wires from at chip are ultrasonically welded. Wire bonder vibrates
the (aluminum) bond wire against the bond pad until they freeze (seize)
together.   That's why we have oil in our engines ;-)

High end stuff uses gold.   Everybody else gets aluminum.  Lots of theory.
Write me off list if you're interested.


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H.Hagar wrote:
> One thing for sure   ---- PAIN is not going to stop my education.
> I just learned something about Diamonds Silver and Gold. ----
> A diamond is about 5 times better conductor of heat  than Silver.
> Gold is used to cover satellites in space as a heat reflecting shield  ?  is that correct ?.
> I have two good sized black industrial diamonds in my hand.  They do NOT conduct
> electricity.
> Most BIG industry --- get all the electricity through pure electrolytic SILVER. So
> keep an eye on the dumpsters. (if you are financially stressed or a cheapskate)
> Wonder how much silver Kodak has gone through ?
> I also learned that Diamonds may be modifed to become semiconductors some time
> in the future.  ----  IMHO   that would be one hell of a Diode .
> Thank you all who posted links and commented in general.     One little simple
> question  -- all those little gold wires on the processor  are they COLD welded ?
> or electric spot welded ?
> Hagar.
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