[Vwdiesel] Re-ringing a Rabbit --(the Wineland way )

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Tue Oct 19 14:31:17 EDT 2004

Ya lost me on this one Hagar, what do you mean my
non-hydraulic block?
Are you calling a block with oil squirter's a
hydraulic block?
that would include the following blocks that I know of
as I have a 1.9D block and it has oil squirter.

please clarify.

--- "H.Hagar" <h_hagar at prcn.org> wrote:

> Here is a couple of questions from Hagar to the REAL
> mechanics in the know.
> Can a hydraulic head be used on a NON hydraulic
> block ?      
> Bart Winelands  1.6 NA    ----- I would suspect that
> just installing a different
> cam may affect oil pressure.
> Cam bearings are linebored  IMHO.    So  attention
> would be needed in that area.
> IMHO    VW Rabbit diesels  rely on lots of oil flow
> for COOLING   that translates in to LOW oil
> pressure.
> Bart does your block have oil squirters on piston
> skirts like the Turbo ?.    Anyway
> take your time one step at the time. --She is
> running is she not ?  ----Do not
> panic just yet.
> Broken rings ?    IMHO    not likely.    If you have
> a lot of oil in blow--by ?   pull the
> line while trouble shooting.  Oil from cam bearings
> may be the problem.   Ask me ---
> I made the stupid mistake of trying to run 1.5L NA
> test engine with NO VC.  LOL.
> Why ?   shit on the Landrovers I could run them for
> adjusting valves --without Cover.
> Hagar.
> This is interesting but I've had a gut full for now
> and really 
> hope it will drive again :) 
> thanks again,
> Bart
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