[Vwdiesel] Re-ringing a Rabbit --(the Wineland way )

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Wed Oct 20 01:48:19 EDT 2004

>>Can a hydraulic head be used on a NON hydraulic block ?    

  Don't think so.  The oil returns are different.  I'd almost suspect the 
supply hole is bigger too.  Don't know for positive.  I've only seen one 
hydraulic head gasket and there was NO way that it would work on a 
solid head 1.6 block

> >>Bart Winelands  1.6 NA   ----- I would suspect that just installing a 
> different
> >>cam may affect oil pressure.

  Shouldn't unless the cam journals were worn, which isn't too likely since
the mating surface is aluminum and the flow to the heads is comparatively 
low.  Cams are interchangeable at least in the 1.6 solids, turbo, and 1.5.  
I wonder if the hydraulic has different ramping than the solids like on 
domestic engines?  Although I don't think you could make those ramps 
much steeper!
  I'm a bit concerned with that new head I got.  The cam bearing surfaces 
look to be .002+ larger than the cam journals.  Feels sloppy.

> >>Cam bearings are linebored  IMHO.   So  attention would be needed in that 
> area.

  For what?  All the heads I've had surfaced and resurfaced, including one 
a shop claimed was warped .024 but I measured (on a digital height gauge 
and surface plate) at .017 were NOT straightened or align bored.  Cam 
journals were better than +.001 in relation to alignment to eachother.  Never 

broke a cam from it and only had them surfaced.  Only had to replace the 
cam from my Jetta from wear.  Journals were fine but the lobes were 
all a bit short.

> >>IMHO   VW Rabbit diesels  rely on lots of oil flow for COOLING   that 
> translates >>in to LOW oil pressure.

  Most 1.5's had 100psi +.  Early 1.6's were a bit below 100psi.  Turbo and 
hydraulic lifters drop pressure down to more of what you normally see 
on other engines.  40 to 100 psi, even a little lower.  Squirters and 
turbo are each worth about 25 to 30 psi loss so in came the 36mm pump.

> >>Bart does your block have oil squirters on piston skirts like the Turbo ?. 

  I wouldn't expect an '86 NA to have them.  If they did, it would've been 
easy for one or more to get damaged while honing and lose pressure. 
That didn't happen to me on the 5000 though  but then it has a bigger, 
circular gear oil pump.

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