[Vwdiesel] Head casting number

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 22 18:54:49 EDT 2004

I need a favor, just to solve my curiosity I need the casting number off a
1.6L TD hydraulic head. The casting number on my head is 068103373T.  Now
this isn't the original head on my ECO.  The number the dealer told me is
068103265GX and I did a massive search and that number doesn't show up
anywhere.  One place that deals with cylinder heads said that a turbo head
isn't any different than a regular head. 


Also I just was told that there is a restrictor/valve in the block, right at
the top where the oil comes up through the block and goes into the head.  I
don't remember seeing anything like that when I had the head off and got it
back from the machine shop and installed the head, but then I wasn't looking
for it either.  Is there such an oil restrictor/valve there?  If mine is
missing then that would explain the massive oil flow and zero oil pressure,
if the oil was able to flow full force, literally flooding the head, but
then it would fill the head faster than it could go back down at higher rpm,
which isn't good either.  Kind of what happens to big block chevy engines
with high volume oil pumps and regular sumps, the pump will actually suck
the sump dry before it can fill back up from gravity flow.


Any suggestions as to where to get a refurbished head at a good price?  The
dealer wants $856.  I'm just looking at all my options right now.  The short
block was completely redone and I didn't do anything but true the head. Big
mistake there.  Live and learn, just getting tired of living and learning.




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