[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 124 --- ( cheering up my american friends. ).

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Subject: Rabbit droppings # 124 --- ( cheering up my american friends. ).

So the high cost of diesel is getting you down ?  ----    you ain't seen nothin yet --baby.

I talk to Denmark every day ---- and I ask for the price of diesel at the pump.

1 liter cost 8.26 Kroner.  -----   in my calculation that is  5.31 dollar per US gallon.

Mark Shepherd what is the price in UK ?.   And what about Finland ? .

Here in the Canadian BUSH   it is 2.75 US dollar pr US gallon. ( oct 23 2004 ).

Am I worried ?    not on your ass. ---I got my Bunny Bondo girl  and she goes  and goes.(comes?)

All you Rabbit owners  consider yourself blessed.   ------ Hummer be damned.

What is our girl Ariana doing these days ?. (Huffington or something ).

I like James Hansens saying that he has a diesel that runs on the fumes from 
an diesel soaked rag.    I drove one of those a lot of miles.  Izuzu ?.

Sniff Sniff.

On the more important things --- like feeding the Cats.


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