[Vwdiesel] FOUND(??) Old Diesel-NEED advice please

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Mon Oct 25 16:10:09 EDT 2004

Hagar, Todd, Sandy,  et al,

I need advise !

What do you guys know....I took the day off work today and wandered down
over the hill from my place down a street I've only been on once and FOUND
by pure chance a 85-86 VW Golf diesel.
Owner couldn't remember the exact year.  Kinda a light yucky bluish color.

It wasn't really for sale but eventually the guy told me I could have it for
$100.  He was gonna use it for his parts car, as he's got another one in
really great shape with only 250k on the clock in the garage.

It's got 400k on the clock, but new rings etc, were installed 100k ago by
his Dad who's a diesel mechanic.
Body is pretty fair- good (not perfect, paint peeling here and there and a
few bubbles).
Windows, door latches etc, need some attention (some sticking, etc.)
Rockers are scabby but I don't think any holes.  Trunk is good.  All lights
etc seem to be
intact.  Was running when pulled off road. No battery.  I think the brakes
are seized from it sitting for 2 years.  Least we couldn't push it to move
it by hand. Glass is all good. Interior avg for the year.
5 speed. 97CI (1.6l) non turbo as far as I know.

What precautions should I take before trying to move it (gonna tow it the
1/2 mile home, up over the hill from my place.) and then attempt to start

Hagar?  Anyone?

Advice !

Mike in NB :-)...........soon to be diesel owner again (???????!)

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Sold my 88 Jetta last year for peanuts ($300) and really shudda kept it.
699 Rte 616 Keswick Ridge
E6L 1T1

Mike and All :    IMHO   the Rabbits and Jettas are well worth putting some
in to now.     Rust repair panels are made in Denmark and the rest ?  ---It
close to becoming a GOOD  investment. ------ Mike  300 dollars Canadian
? ----
you gave it away.

How much to invest in a Rabbit ?   15 000 US dollars would be my answer.
That would get you a top of the line "Creampuff"  ------that will drive
circles around a Prius.
for 22 000 dollars.    A new Golf diesel here is about  30 000 dollars

Love those OLD Rabbits ----yes siree.

I have said it many times --- IMHO   The diesel Rabbits are the finest all
piece of transportation ever made by man.(for a DIY)    A four door Rabbit
will get 4 big people
to the Opera in style.   All you have to do is go around and make sure those
gowns are not dragging in the slush.

I like the looks of the little beauties---  and I have a Royal Brougham Olds
V8 sitting here.
Yeah a diesel too--- well sort of.


PS :   Beetle   GOLD medal  Rabbit Silver.
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