[Vwdiesel] Question: restarting an old diesel that sat 2 yrs

Erik Lane erikjlane at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 20:26:28 EDT 2004

don't know if you need to. unless you take the cam off
it would be hard to get to the cam followers. (not
really a lifter) as long as there's enough oil in it
and it looks decent i would just go for it.

if you get it running then i would change the oil once
it's had a time to run thru the engine and collect any
crap. so you can then drain the whole mess out and
hopefully get most of the accumulated stuff out.

last year i had to start a tractor that had gotten
rain water in one of the cylinders (bad exhaust
manifold - leaked rain right into the cylinder past
the open valve.) the piston was froze to the wall and
the only thing that would get the engine to turn over
was me jumping on a 3/4 inch 3 foot long breaker bar
on the crankshaft bolt.

once it was free the thing started right up and
smoked, but ran. after replacing the manifold and
exhaust system we've been using it all year and it
slowly ran better and better. now it runs just like it
did before. amazing the abuse that a good diesel
engine can take! (this might be built stouter than a
vw, i really don't know.) just to say that there's
definitely hope and thought you sounded like you could
use some encouragement!!


--- Mike & Coreen Smith <ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca> wrote:

> Do I have to yank the valve cover gasket off and
> poil some oil down into the
> lifters or will a little cranking lube everything up
> in short order?
> Thanks
> Mike
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> From: "H.Hagar" <h_hagar at prcn.org>
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> Sent: Monday, October 25, 2004 12:53 PM
> Subject: [Vwdiesel] WANT: Old Diesel Atlantic Canada
> Sold my 88 Jetta last year for peanuts ($300) and
> really shudda kept it.
> Mike,
> 699 Rte 616 Keswick Ridge
> NB
> Canada
> E6L 1T1
> Mike and All :    IMHO   the Rabbits and Jettas are
> well worth putting some
> money
> in to now.     Rust repair panels are made in
> Denmark and the rest ?  ---It
> is
> close to becoming a GOOD  investment. ------ Mike 
> 300 dollars Canadian
> ? ----
> you gave it away.
> How much to invest in a Rabbit ?   15 000 US dollars
> would be my answer.
> That would get you a top of the line "Creampuff" 
> ------that will drive
> circles around a Prius.
> for 22 000 dollars.    A new Golf diesel here is
> about  30 000 dollars
> Canadian.
> Love those OLD Rabbits ----yes siree.
> I have said it many times --- IMHO   The diesel
> Rabbits are the finest all
> around
> piece of transportation ever made by man.(for a DIY)
>    A four door Rabbit
> will get 4 big people
> to the Opera in style.   All you have to do is go
> around and make sure those
> long
> gowns are not dragging in the slush.
> I like the looks of the little beauties---  and I
> have a Royal Brougham Olds
> V8 sitting here.
> Yeah a diesel too--- well sort of.
> Hagar.
> PS :   Beetle   GOLD medal  Rabbit Silver.
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