[Vwdiesel] My new 1986 Golf !

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Thanks!  Rear wiper must be toast, as I did pull on the sucker and heard the
squirter motor whine (no fluid came out, but I see some in the resevoir) but
the wiper made no attempt at moving.

Find on the cold start knob.  I looked at where it was hooked to the
injector pump, but I'll need fingers like Freddy Kruger or Edward
Scissorhands to get down in there-LOL !!  I'll give it a go in any case.

Thanks for the great info.  I can't see ANY dealer around here wanting to do
work on a 1986 VW.
They'd laugh me out of the building.

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> > Stuck a battery in it, but I still have a few bugs.  The choke/injector
> > advance doo-hickey is jammed.  Car starts fine though, so maybe it's
> > out slightly and then got stuck.  Handle is all broke to
> > bits so I'm betting it's an ongoing problem.
>   Cold start timing advance or cold start knob or...  It connects to the
> backside of the pump so take a look down there and see what you can
> see.  Maybe the cable is kinked, maybe a gorilla pulled it out.  Sound
> like you'll be visiting a wrecking yard near you for a knob and a window
> regulator.  When you set up the new knob, push it all the way in and
> then make sure the lever on the back of the pump is pushed as far
> foreword as it'll go, until it rests on it's stop then tighten the lock
> >
> > The blower motor is seized.  (shorted or bearings seized.)  Previously
> > a blown fuse.  Put a new fuse in.  Can hear the engine lug right down
when I
> > turn it on, but fan (wherever its located) does not spin.
>   The motor is behind the glove box, sortta, if you have A/C.  A few
> loosen that corner of the dash and it'll pry out.
> >
> > Heater core leaking.  Car slowly fills with "mist" as engine runs.
>   As mentioned, check the VIN with the dealer and you may get that one
> done for free.  :)  Otherwise, with A/C it's a little more difficult but
> dealer can do it in about a half hour so there ARE tricks to doing it more
> quickly than Bentley describes.
> >
> > Rear wiper........how in heck do you turn it on?  Front wipers and wash
> > work, and rear wash motor spins.....no fluid coming out yet.
>   Front wipers are lift for first and second gear, down for intermittent.
> Pull
> for wash.  Push for a blip of rear wipe, push and hold for wash.  Washer
> tank is in the rear corner. On the Rabbit's it's not too protected so they
> get broken and brittle.  I think they're identical to front ones though so
> not hard to find a replacement if you have the brackets.  :)
> >
> > Brake line broken near rear center.
> >
> > etc. etc. etc.
> >
> > I love the ol' girl.. Only 404,000kms on it
> >
>   Check the water separator (if it has it). It's back by the RR tire,
> the
> fuel pump is on a gasser.  Just be gentle and don't break the knob off.
> a BIG knob on a small, hollow shaft.  Many get totally neglected and are
> of water.
>     Gee, don't see any with that many miles on them here.  Nobody really
> drives enough miles regularly to pile them on like that.  Of course that's
> only ~250K miles but still not terribly common although most of mine are
> about to hit the 200K mark!
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