[Vwdiesel] diesel in gas body

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Wed Sep 1 12:08:16 EDT 2004

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About Brake lines :    I suspect that the salt truck department here is in
collusion with a salt mine.   So we have problems with rusty steel lines galore.
Relax cheer up it is a piece of cake to install new lines.
Being a fanatic DIY  no way was that one going to slip me by.
A double flare tool can be converted to do Bubble flares  like nothing.

All you have to buy is the die.   ----I have a lathe and could have made one --but
hell for  7 dollars ? no way.

Get a roll of line some fittings  ------ even here in the sticks everything was cheap.

Warning do not mistake American fittings with metric  stuff.   I was sold the wrong
stuff --and now I have to take a few lines off again.  ---NO sweat ---she is still
on the road .   The thread feels sloppy ?   you got USA stuff.


PS:   Looks to me like the metric nuts are longer than USA version.
Look up Val Christian procedures for undoing stuck nuts and bleed-screws.
My experience was totally happy and a lot of fun. After Val straightened me
out.    Why did I get the wrong nuts ?  I handed the counter person a brand
new brake-cylinder.   --Counter intelligence at work.

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