[Vwdiesel] 120000 mile service on my Jetta/ Needs for my Scirocco turbodiesel swap

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How did you clean your manifold?  Did you bead blast it?
Were you able to hot tank it with some sort of solvent?

I'm looking at a similar situation here.  You may
remember my previous posts from a few weeks ago.

BTW, Vag-Com is on order, and I'm looking for a shop
that can "Motor Vac" the thing.  I'm in the Chicago



Hayden Chasteen wrote:
> I am rapidly approaching the 120000 mile service - timing belt, other 
> belts, water pump (maybe).  Anyway I have begun to do a few things like 
> I finally removed the intercooler and cleaned it.  Pretty messy but not 
> apparent standing oil.  Today I removed the intake manifold to clean it 
> for the second time.  When I bought the car, it had 63000 miles on it 
> with unknown oil use to that point so I pulled the manifold and found it 
> almost totally clogged.  The intake runners were closed down to about 
> 1/4 of their original opening size.  I immediately switched to Mobil 
> Delvac 1 and started using biodiesel in varying amounts.  Anyway today I 
> was pleasantly surprised to find only a thin coating of soot and oil in 
> the manifold.  The heaviest build up was found right at the EGR valve.  
> Interestingly, the biggest build up was on the outside of the valve 
> where the pipe from the exhaust cooler connects to the manifold.  It had 
> a full 1/2" of hardened soot in it.  Whole job took about 2 hours and I 
> immediately took the car out for a run to my property out in the country 
> (100 mile round trip).  Car ran smooth and nice.  When I finally reach 
> 120000 then I will do the belts and reset the timing.  The last time I 
> checked with the VAGCOM, I was running a bit retarded.  Good for NOx 
> with biodiesel but it hurts performance a bit.
> As I begin work on the turbo engine that I am putting in the Scirocco I 
> realize that I need a couple of things:  a cold start cable and knob and 
> a mount for a alternator only set up.  There will be no AC on this car 
> for the time being.  I have a complete set up for power steering: 
> pulleys, brackets and even a pump (don't know if it is any good).  If 
> anybody has either of these things feel free to drop me and email.  
> thanks, hayden
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