[Vwdiesel] Cool VW talks ---- ( wall to wall fun )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Sep 6 14:34:53 EDT 2004

I wish I could really express how much fun I had with four OLD Rabbits.

Sure glad I got that first one --when I did .   1980 1.5L NA  deluxe 4 door .
Sickly green color.  ----that was my training wheels.  (300 dollars Canadian).

Name it and it went wrong with that Bunny  she was one sick girl.  Limping home
was almost a daily experience.

So did I learn anything ?  ----yes I did .   That them Germans are very smart people,
and if you have a hard time doing something ?   ---you may not be doing it
the simplest way.    Let me give an example .  In America we think engine hoist ?
that is stupid . On a Rabbit let the power unit down to ground . Then lift front of
 Rabbit and roll it back on rear wheels.  Body weight is less than engine.

That is just one example of where we go wrong at times. I can name a dozen ways
where we did it wrong to start with.---

Cool  talk ?  ---I followed the cooling talks closely ---but no one mentioned that these
VW Rabbit radiators may be cross feed types not up and down. That means first
the flow goes one way and then returns to the same end.

Speeding up cooling pump was mentioned ---I did that so I know it works. On a 
Vanagon special , an extra electric pump could be used.
My experience with those screw type pumps is this-- they produce very little
head -. So keep system in good shape.In the past we discussed cavitation if 
pump is speeded up. The screw is small diameter so it may not be a problem.
Burping the system is important. That pump will not push air out by force.

If you have cooling problems ---remove pump and inspect. I had one with barsleak
welded to the impeller. Totally ruining pump action. Loren mentioned rotors made
from pressed sheet , not cast. I never seen one.(he said get rid)

The best cooling system I ever saw was a 109"   1960 Landrover  desert version.
I have one  --and the fan and shroud is something to behold.  Death valley strikes
no fear in this girls heart. (Annabelle).

If you saw The Gods must be crazy --you know that Landrovers can be fun too.

Yikes it is Cavalier time ----here comes Susan. (spaghetti in hand ).


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