[Vwdiesel] compression readings

Chris Collin rangerdanger_svo at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 8 17:01:00 EDT 2004

I've just completed my compression test on the diesel scirocco.
  After the snafu of finding out I grabbed the wrong oxy-acetylene
 gauge (too low), I quickly borrowed the neighbors higher gauge. 
 #1 and #2 read around 400.  #3 and #4 read around 0.  The 
gauge marks are really tight at the low end so I used my gas 
compression gauge and tried again.  #1 and #2 were 340+, #3
 was 130 and #4 was 110!  On a wet test #3 was 150 and #4 was
 160.  That and the fact that the heater and water temp gauge got
 hot really fast makes me think head gasket for sure.  How do you
 guys think the wet/dry variance speaks for ring condition?  I'm 
thinking that the fair readings in #1 and #2 probably speak well
 for them.  Unfortunately, my fuel filler vent hose rubbed the tire
 and tore the gravity vent valve off on the warm up drive! Ouch!  
Time for some re-engineering on the filler neck system!

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