[Vwdiesel] crazy cam gear removal Success & Next chapter

Bart Wineland bwinelan at allegheny.edu
Fri Sep 10 20:35:15 EDT 2004

Success!   I read everyone of the suggestions you all took the time to 
offer and really appreciate each one.  I got the stupid gear off using a 
combination I think of every suggestion given. In the end I had my pullers 
on with a good bit of load and heated the gear pretty hot and gave the 
shaft of the puller a rap. Harder than I wanted to have to but it finally 
popped. There is a key slot but no key. Not sure I understand the function 
of a key slot with no key but that is ok.  Now the next chapter. I had no 
problem from there pulling the head off and am trying to cipher what I am 
looking at. The tops of the pistons and valves have lots of carbon and oily 
crap built up and belive it or not still has the Bon-Ami under a layer of 
carbon on them I made it inhale hoping to head off having to pull the 
engine. That trick may have had a better chance of working if the pistons 
were not so oily on top trapping the powder before it could do its 
thing?  My next question. I am able to wiggle the pistons some with thumb 
pressure.  In #2 and #3 cylinders at the bottom of their stroke I can see a 
gap around the edge of the piston right down to the first ring. Not all the 
way around the piston but enough that it is easy to see. I don't know what 
I am doing but is that right??  Also not sure what glazing in the cylinders 
looks like but they are very shiny with no signs of a cross hatch or any 
texture.  That was the first thing I noticed so I was hopeful that maybe it 
did just need stoned and rings. I have telescoping gauges so I measured #2 
and #3 at the bottom of the cylinder and both are 3.010". I have not pulled 
the pan yet. Any thoughts on the floppy pistons and the gap I can see? 
Hoping that is normal.



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