[Vwdiesel] newer tdi's

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PD's have an ECU.  You can get a PD "chipped" and really get a lot of power
out of them.

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> the PD seems to be a step backwards, in a way. all
> i've seen is the reviews of it, and they're all
> glowing and talking about the increased performance
> and how nice and quiet it is. i don't mean that.
> what i really mean is that it seems less complicated
> than the old way of the rotary injection pump with
> electronic controls. or am i mistaken and they're
> computer controlled as well?
> now that i think about it, i guess they must be to
> account for metering how much fuel is injected. i
> spent a while on google trying to find an answer, and
> all i got was that it was a single unit pump and
> injector. all the pages i found seemed to have read
> the same press release and that was all they bothered
> with. :(
> is that about right?
> erik

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