[Vwdiesel] Degausing for beginners --( a magnetic idea )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Sep 12 10:13:15 EDT 2004

Remember that nasty magnetic screwdriver ?   ---  as you progress as a DIY
magnetic tools and machinery becomes a problem.

Solution ?  simple.    ---- Look around for magnetic relay coils --- BIG ones.

I hope James Hansen reads this ---he does a lot of machining and grinding
on lathes and what not. (me too).

A 600 volt coil (600-550-440-380) will do ---by simply hooking it up to 110
or in Eropa 220 .   Then do a bit of experimenting.

I degauss cranks --cams ---and lots of drillbits. Those DC drillmotors are sure
to get your bits all excited.
I write this in the spirit of passing on NIFTY tools and ideas.

ALL my coils came out of dumpsters --absolutely free. Even my "Oersted Queen"
she is so big that I have problems moving her.

Sandy Cameron knows exactly the dumpster ---he planted a spy here in town---in sight
of the dumpster.


PS: Hillbilly solutions that work.--- try and argue with performance ?.

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