[Vwdiesel] Diesel tank leak

Lee Hillsgrove hillsgrove at adelphia.net
Sun Sep 12 18:33:38 EDT 2004

Topping it off shouldn't be much of an issue unless you fill it first thing
in the morning, drive 1/2  mile, and park it in the middle of a tar parking
lot with no shade and it gets to be 100°.

 I had a leak on my '85, it was the seal around the sending unit/fuel line
thingamabob. There's a big threaded collar that holds the middle part in
where the fuel line and sending unit go into the tank and there is a rubber
seal between the it and the tank. Think like a Mason jar. I was able to go
in through the trunk and open up an access panel right above it to work on
it without dropping the tank. Make sure you don't have a full tank when you
open it up and make sure you blow off all the dirt and crud before
dislodging it into the tank.

 Assuming that's where your leak is, of course. :-p  You can open it up and
check pretty easily, anyway.


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> I filled my 91 Jetta TD up Friday, filled it to the top, which is probably
> no no, anyway went away for the weekend, just got back to find a puddle
> under the car and it dripping from the tank on the fill neck side. I can't
> see anything such as the lines to the tank because it looks like they go
> into the tank from the top. Is it leaking because I topped it off to much?
> Pulling the tank doesn't seem like a big deal but my mount bolts are so
> rusted I might not get it back on if I can even get it down. Any
> suggestions? Thanks

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