[Vwdiesel] Degausing for beginners --( a magnetic idea )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Sep 15 13:09:32 EDT 2004

James Hansen and all ---- like I said experiment.   Magnetize and degauss a screwdriver
a few times  --- it works.

Remember these coils are designed to work with an Iron core---- so current will be higher with only
air.  ----- NO problemo   use a pushbutton switch.  And keep duty cycle low.

If the screwdriver flies out of your hand ?  you got a class A 1 degausser .  If it keeps going and
dang the big window next door ?  You have a magnetic Cannon.

So your daughter say's that you spend to much time on the Rabbit --and not enough
on the grand kids ?.      Bring out a big pile of strong magnets and a pound of iron filings.
And some scout compasses.
No kids I ever saw no matter what age ---could resist those magnets.   And I am one of

By the way the magnetic powder I use for Magnafluxing is sort of brownish  and it
glows under a black light.    I mix it in kerosene and brush it on.

So where did I get my really strong magnets  ?  yepper  the dumpster.     And let me tell you
guys when you get hold of a REALLY stong one ?   Hang on to your keys.

Military Magnetrons from Radar sets are the tops.  If you got a pacemaker  --forget it.

Talk to those kids  and may the force be with you.

Hagar.     (the experimenter)

PS :  I still have not seen a lonely Northpole one.

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