[Vwdiesel] Turbo troubleshooting

paulr reichp at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 15 23:23:03 EDT 2004

That's what I thought, Loren.  I wanted to see the part.
Dealer wouldn't do that on a warranty repair.

The dealer installed a Garrett cartridge (saw green
sticker on the wastegate).

I remember reading an online VW service bulletin from the
late '90's.  Certain car models were 'sposed to be
checked, and Garrett turbos were 'sposed to be replaced
with KKK. Garrett must be back in VW's good graces now.


2000 TDI

LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
>>The dealer
>>replaced the turbo in July.  "Warped seal" they said.
>   Glad it fixed it but sure can't think of a seal in there that can really 
> warp.  Kinda like having a warped piston ring.
>      Loren
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