[Vwdiesel] Blotter testing --- (latest status here -15sept2004)

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Thu Sep 16 16:42:28 EDT 2004

"And I agree 100% that the most common soot maker is a bad injector."

That would probably explain my elevated soot and iron numbers in my last oil
analysis.  }:o(

Christopher J. Thornton
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2000 VW Golf 1.9 TDI (turbo diesel) - 110k miles
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> > And I agree 100% that the most common soot maker is a bad injector.
>   My claim is that you could now reconnect your "spaceship" even turn
> the pump back up a bit and so long as you're not blowing black smoke,
> you should not only have quite a bit more power but should make a couple
> mpg better mileage too.  Now if you're soft footing it everywhere it
> won't but if you use the power at all, it should do better.
>   Mine won't even hold it's own on the hills or merging with traffic here
> with the aneroid disconnected.  I tried it and it was annoying and a
> bit dangerous.
>      Loren

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