[Vwdiesel] Limping on -- ( florida disaster )

H.Hagar h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Sep 21 14:14:39 EDT 2004

I can't wait till Gary Bangs  check in again .

I maintained for years that power-plants should be built on barges. --Emergency power.

Tow a power plant from Corpus Christi to  Pensa Cola and anchor. Then roll out
a cable to the most needy customers. Hospitals and so on. Why ?   because when those
BIG lines come down ---it takes TIME to get them back up. Big lines these days
are 500 000 volts or better.And 100 miles long.

A barge for Miami a barge for Orlando and so on.  Too expensive ?  bullshit.

A VW gen-set could easily run a few houses in Florida No need for electric heat.
I supplied water (for free) to two nabobs at one time . I could supply at least one with electricity right now.

I lived in Florida so I know how important electric power is down there. Yeah ok 
Val Christian you are right ---power IS more important up North.

Funny thing I can only remember one power out in Denmark in mar 1945  when
I saw an RAF mosquito fly right though the lines. Them Mosquitoes stole a lot of Danish copper
in those days and took it back to UK  --they must have been desperate over there ? .

The escort Yankee Mustang went over the wires.(or under?) Sure was exciting to watch.And by the way you can take my word for it ,  that Mosquito at that height was FASTER than the Mustang P-51.
by at least 20 MPH. And if you do't believe they both had the pedal to the metal
you are dreaming. They had tracers coming up their ass like nothing I ever saw in
5 years of war.
The raid was a DISASTER but that is for another day You can find it on the net.
Bombing raid on Copenhagen 21 mar 1945.
Target ? Shell Building ---it was Gestapo Headquarters.


PS :  That cannon shell missed my head by two feet  (thats too close for comfort)

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