[Vwdiesel] Transmission oil quantity

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Thu Sep 30 21:45:00 EDT 2004

>From page 11, bentley manual, for A2's, 5 speed manual transmission,  2US
qts, 1.9L

Bentley also says, pg 25, for transmissions up to serial  08097, fill til it
runs out of the filler hole, then put the plug in and add another .53 US
quart through the speedo hole.
(frankly, I would put the full 2 qts in through the speedo hole and skip the
wrongly placed filler hole.)

After serial 08097, (after 9 august, 87) the filler hole was located higher
up and is acurate for a normal fill. 

After this date, you can leave the speedo gear alone and just use the filler
hole to fill AND measure. (If you are sure the tranny is younger than 87)

Since I have a motley mess of transmissions lying around here, I prefer to
be safe rather than sorry.

The one in my 87 jetta has 475,000km on it and still works fine. (Semi-synth
The one in my 87 Carat project may have come from an 86, so I'll check it
thru the speedo hole.


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