[Vwdiesel] Pic of failed int shaft bearing

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This is way off topic but fascinates me. You have one of those "green
striper" blocks! Just a stripe of the green paint around the block. 2nd
one I've seen!  Mine is a 1.6NA and came in an '84 Rabbit.  I don't know
if it is the original engine for the car or if this poor excuse for a
paint job means something else.  Several months back someone said they
had seen 1.5 blocks rebuilt for VW in Canada with this paint scheme.

Chuck Carnohan

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Terrific pictures. Never saw failed intermediate shaft bearings before.
Hone job looks excellent.
Oil Splooging - never a good thing.
Bob in NY
In case anyone is wondering what a failed intermediate shaft bearing
like, here is a pic of mine:


Engine ran fine, other bearings were fine, but could not generate more 
than 25psi of hot oil pressure at 2000rpm, only about 35psi at 4000rpm 
hot. Most of the oil was splooging out the side of these bearings - both
them looked like this. 
This was an '86 1.6TD, and bearing is original VW part.

Other pics in the folder show various shots of my block, which is now 
honed and ready to clean up:

(I decided to try honing more to work at the vertical scoring, and use a

slower speed with faster strokes to get steeper crosshatches. Turns out 
the 2 cylinders I did first had the worst scoring, the other 2 are much 
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