[Vwdiesel] Clutch talk --- (mostly Old Rabbits).

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Now Hagar,  I'm a bit confused.  You sez to replace the whole enchilada-
so does Gary.  Then you sez that you put it back in Annabelle with 100k
on the clock?  WhaaasUp?


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With Shawn Wright in mind.  -----   Why ? did Hagar get the whole
shebang  in the 
replacement kit ?  ----flywheel and all.

Maybe it was due to VW increasing the friction area ---- starting at  CK
- 177 .
Old clutch was 190 mm new one is 200 mm. -----cost about  130 dollars

I agree with Gary Bangs----due to the difficulty of doing a cluch in a
Rabbit ---makes sense to replace
everything in there.   I do not know anything about  Vanagons.   BC can
be hard on the clutch.

Personally I never wore out a clutch in anything. --- NEVER.    After
100 000 miles
in Annabelle  I figured that it must be down to the rivets .  -----wrong
it was in good shape.
Put it back in.

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