[Vwdiesel] biodiesel projects

Shalyn Shourds sshourds at flash.net
Sun Apr 3 22:06:41 EDT 2005

My boss turned up with a copy of the Denton Record Chronicle (Denton's a 
few miles north of Ft. Worth/Dallas).  Paper talked about a new 
biodiesel facility out there.  It's a co-op between the city and a 
private concern.  They will be collecting fryer oil from the area and 
making biodiesel for city vehicles.  The really interesting part is that 
they will be powering the facility by methane captured from the landfill 
site nearby.  As an environmental microbiologist, I've always had a soft 
spot in my heart for methanogenesis.  Time for it to move beyond dorm 
prank.  This is reputed to be the first completely naturally powered 
facility built. 

Daryl Hannah was on-site for the event.  I don't watch TV and I really 
don't know anything about her, but apparently, she drives an '83 El 
Camino which she runs on biodiesel.  I didn't know that those even came 
in Diesel, and I really hope it wasn't the Olds 351....


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