[Vwdiesel] biodiesel projects

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Apr 5 13:46:41 EDT 2005

Shalyn    I Hagar   has never known anybody  with more bad luck dieselwise
than you.

Bad vibrations somewhere.  ----- did you by chance insult Rudolf Diesel ?   or worse
Alois Sicly Gruber Hitler  ---the genious designer of the Volks Wagen ?

And as far as the AIRHEAD    Daryl Hanna  ?     she does not know shit from wild honey about
diesels or fuel.
She was driving a  El Camino 83 Diesel ? right ?  ---that tells it.

5.7L   V8 GM  piece of shit.  -----and you may quote me.    The biggest diesel flop
of ALL time.

How do I know ?   ----please do NOT ask me.(  I am frail geezer )

Economics of SCALE  ---will kill ALL those projects ---the minute TAX is no longer

However for my further education I shall look in to the details  --so thank you for bringing it up.

IMHO  ----   anything that can be manipulated for a dollar ? will be done in Texas
corruption and GREED has invaded the place.

It is no longer the TEXAS that I loved.  (1953).

Denton ? EH ?   that will be my next stop.


PS:   Shalyn  ---we have to reprogram you somehow. ----believe me those
German diesels WILL work.

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