[Vwdiesel] 82 Westfalia TD project FS Columbus, OH

Bob O'Shaughnessy oshaug at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 23:07:10 EDT 2005

Sad to say, I've got to bow out of my TD Westy project.  Four kids,
house projects and looming downsizing/job changes aren't going to
leave me much time to finish this long neglected project.

Here's what I've got:
82 Diesel Westy.  I can't remember the mileage off the top of my head
(put this first on the list of "more details provided later"), but it
sat in the repair lot of the VW dealer around the corner from my
office tempting me for over a year.  The engine had died and the owner
had moved oveseas.  The engine had it's head removed along with the
tin, and the ignition key was broken off in the cylinder.  The canvas
is in good shape, but the interior shows wear.  You can see the
springs in the front seat fabric, the skin has fallen off the
headliner in the front and back.  The rear seat and mattress are in
good shape.  The rear table is missing.  The fridge and stove are
untested.  The ice cube trays, screens and curtains are there.  The
van is orangeish brown, single tone with aftermarket pinstripes.  The
bumpers are in okay condition.  It has seam rust and a rusty spot
under the bottom grille.  It has four Yokohamma Y370s in good
condition, that may have suffered from UV exposure from sitting

The original engine and tranny have been removed from the van.

I obtained a 1.6L TD engine from an 82 Quantum TD.  This configuration
has an exhaust manifold and turbo that easily clear the engine mounts
for the original engine.  The TD engine had ~80k on it and was pulled
from a wrecked car.

I also got from Germany the proper injection pump and lines for the T3
TD engine.  This pump has the boost aneroid behind the pump, instead
of on top, and lines that route around the aneroid.  This pump will
clear the engine lid without modification.  I also still have the
original Quantum TD pump.  Also from Germany, I got the proper oil
pan, with the inlet for the turbo oil drain.  The drain line from the
Quantum turbo needs a thread adapter to work.  I haven't done the
legwork to find an adapter yet.

The T3 TD pump is on the engine, along with a new timing belt and
tensioner, new water pump and the diesel oil inlet and TD oil pan. 
The pulleys have not yet been re-installed.  The engine is on a stand,
with the flywheel removed.

I've also got a new ignition cylinder and key that haven't been installed.

The engine, along with all of the removed/disassembled parts are still
in my garage, including the original 1.6D engine (minus some of the
essential bits like the alternator mount) and the pieces removed from
the Quantum engine.   The original tranny, axles and engine mounts are
also there.  The van is at my in-law's out in the country (they've got
a pole barn)

I'm in Columbus, OH and the van is in near Middleburg, OH. (about
45min from my house in Columbus)

I've got around $1800 invested in the whole shooting match and am
hoping to recover most of it.  If you want, I have some other parts
lying around, including most of an 85 GL interior, a South African
Grille (with crappy driving lights) and some other stuff from and 84
(gas tank, hatch, some glass)

Please email me off-list(s) with questions.


Bob O'Shaughnessy
oshaughnessy at mac.com

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