[Vwdiesel] NA exhaust valves for a TD head?

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Apr 6 13:47:26 EDT 2005

Shawn Wright    : you are in a good situation  ---thanks to being able to post pictures
like you do.

A drillmotor and those old valves can be cleaned in no time.   ----Then run them
real slow and se if they are straigt..       Then post pictures and we can all get in on the action.

As usual on mechanical engine stuff I agree with Loren and James Hansen.   BUT  do 
remember all the flyboys out there.  When it comes to sodium valves ?   ---they got
loads of information.

I have missgivings with your end goal  -----  that is a lot of weight to move with so little
an engine.     If I did it I would go for the 4 speed tranney from a 1980 four door Rabbit.
a  GC tranney. .       Remember VW diesels are HIGH speed diesels.  ----

I do have experience with sodium cooled valves  ---and after 1000 hours of hard service ?
in aircooled AC engine ?   ---they look like NEW.    

About the HONING job ?    looks great ------  there are two types of honing jobs.
Deglazing  and fitting pistons after a rebore.   Do not confuse the two.

My sin as far as honing goes ?   I put on too fine of a finish.       By luck they all worked out.

Talking about those bearings on the intermediate shaft ?  ---I do NOT like the looks.
Check things out real good to find out what went wrong.

Green stripe ?   ---that one still gives me troubles. ---------  somebody knows what
it indicates  ?  --right ?.

I think Chuck Carnohan has a GEENIE ? if you both post the serial numbers ---maybe just maybe
I can solve the mystery.     Germans are notorious for keeping track of parts  -----

The way I remember it , the exhaust valve in the TDs are a special alloy and coated.
NOT like NA valves.
So at least get the turbo valves --non sodium.


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