[Vwdiesel] Quantum trannys and the green-un

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Wed Apr 6 15:11:28 EDT 2005

My one tranny is a 3M with a 0.73 fifth,; BUT the one on my
other car is unknown. Unlike the 3M there is no code on the
top of the bellhousing! Funnily enough there is a
deliberately painted green  patch just above where the code
should be.
The good news is that I know by rotating a wheel whilst in
5th that this box is 'better' than my current one and
probably a  0.68...
Or about 7% lower revs.
When I do my engine swap I wonder if I'll get a 7% increase
in economy?
Maybe as the revs will be moving into the peek efficiency
region I'll get 10% improvement in econ.
(8OD) 66mpg imp or 55mpg US [on a run]
Of course this engine has been stood in its car for 3 years
outside my house so it may be a little stiff...

"Be like me; drive a Quantum TD"

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