[Vwdiesel] super smoke

mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 6 19:49:20 EDT 2005

Just was curious.  I parked my 91 Jetta TD in January due to what sounded
like bad lifters. It was running fine and then when I got to work it started
with the clacking sound like the lifters would not pump up and ran rough at
idle but fine cruising down the road.  Well between getting the garage done,
(which it is almost there, about one more weeks worth of work) family time
with my twin girls, and my Air Force duty I have not touched the Jetta till
today to see if it would start. Well it did, not real easy but it did start
and man o man did it smoke. It will run but will not idle and smokes big
time. Now can this be an injection pump problem?  Before this all happened
it was running great other than the 0 oil pressure at the head at operating
temp, and the one qt of oil usage every 400 miles with serious blow by out
the cam cover. The IP is timed correctly with a dial gage per the Bentley.
Could my IP be going bad, or is now bad.  I installed new injectors back in
Nov and it ran fine up till that one cold Jan day.  I'm just wondering if I
might as well have the IP rebuilt while I have the head off and the pistons
out to see why the rings never seated from when I rebuilt it back this past
summer. Does that sound like a good idea?  From what I can tell the IP has
never been touched and has 178k on it.  It is an ECO Jetta. If that makes a
difference.  I was just wondering. Oh to complete the process of work,
should I go back through the turbo as well and install new seals since I
will have it off?

I have been reading all the posts. Learning as much as I can. Thanks to
everyone for all this great information.



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