[Vwdiesel] NA exhaust valves for a TD head?

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu Apr 7 02:41:47 EDT 2005

Well Loren and I corresponded about this.  These aren't sodium filled
valves, these are a stellite coated valve.  Sodium filled means big stem to
accomodate the sodium filling, so it has room to slosh around when the valve
is hot and dissipate heat.  No room for this on a turbo diesel head.
Stellite just makes for a much more durable valve, but cannot be resurfaced,
or you lose the coating... hence replacement.   Thinking about it today,
that's the only thing that makes sense too, as I've NEVER seen a diesel head
with sodium valves, not that I've seen a lot, but they are unmistakable, due
to the big stem.

Hope this helps clear a thing or two up...

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> Talking about those bearings on the intermediate shaft ?  ---I do NOT like
> looks. Check things out real good to find out what went wrong.
>   They're old, PERIOD!  It's not only a common occurance it's why
> replacing those bearings on a rebuild is MANDATORY.  Probably
> something to do with being a circular bearing and thermal expansion
> and contraction cycles.  Regardless, after a couple hundred thousand
> miles most of them look like this.  Of course that's generally after about
15 to
> 20 years too so it's just as likely that time is a factor also.

Two things of note - I've yet to hear of a failed i/s bearing on a gas
engine, and I've
seen lots with well over 300k kms. Also, my TD int shaft is actually a gas
shaft, even
though EKTA lists a diesel version. Mine is 049, instead of 068, and has the
lobe for mechanical fuel pump (I think they all do though). Maybe the 068
shaft only
exists on paper?
> >
> > The way I remember it , the exhaust valve in the TDs are a special alloy
> > coated. NOT like NA valves. So at least get the turbo valves --non
> >
>   I recall them being coated but not any special alloy.  Thing is when I
> put together the NEW head for Dad's pu, there were NO listings for
> a TD exhaust valve.  Only the INTAKES were listed as NA or TD.
> Couldn't see anything really special with them.

Autohausaz.com and busdepot.com both list separate parts for them now, but
at the same. I'm just hoping I don't need them now...

Shawn Wright
'85 Jetta D
'88 Westy 2.1L, soon to be 1.6TD 5 speed
'82 Diesel Westy

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