[Vwdiesel] super smoke

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Apr 7 12:54:46 EDT 2005

I have been reading all the posts. Learning as much as I can. Thanks to
>everyone for all this great information.

Nick you aint seen nothing yet. --- Put   archives on your favorites and sign up for daily

Use aircraft beak-in oil  (piston engine)   for seating rings.  ----And get a leakdown tester
like borrow one from one of the Piston engine ---guys.

Read up on pumps  -----it is all there ---and it will save you a lot of mula ----like it did me.

Chuck Carnohan is a senior member of the Pump Gang  ---and I see he is helping you.

Smoke today but not tomorrow for no reason -?   ----sticky timing mechanism will do that.
so the answer is yes ---pump can be a problem.

Check  fuel regulator  and delivery valves (like Loren suggested) ---simple to do.

Be careful with regulator valve it is fairly soft so use a deep socket with a cotterkey
inserted.  Make sure bottom "0" ging is in good shape.  and piston moves freely.
I push mine with a shiskabab scewer from the kitchen.
Vave is right hand thread.


PS :   My experience is all Roses after I found the melody.  Pump is by far the most interesting
part of Rabbits --- IMHO.

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