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I'm curious as to the pistons and rings in this engine. The shop that
rebuilt it specifically waited until he had the new .020 over pistons before
he did the bore and hone on the block. He said that he had to match the new
pistons to the block. So that tells me he has some idea on how to rebuild
this engine and not just bore and hone it to book spec's and expect the new
pistons to fit.  Since he was so thorough I'm really curious as to what is
wrong with the rings. I'm hoping to find something because then I can
correct it.  If all the rings look good, not lined up and installed properly
then what could be causing the excessive blow by? I'm going to try and start
on the tear down tomorrow. Garage is now done to the point that I have
electricity and doors so I can close it up inside without having to worry
about the wind blowing dirt around the open engine. I'm going to take my
torque wrench into work and have the PMEL lab check it's calibration. I want
to make sure I put everything back per book spec's. I have engine assembly
lube, should I reuse that on the rod bearings when I go back together or
just coat then with 30w engine oil?
One other question, my turbo has 170k on it, it's condition is good I guess
but with the problems I'm having would it be wise to have overhauled? 

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Nick  and  ALL  :      Remember the ECO is NOT stressed as much as the
normal turbo.

I would reuse.---------   but examine each one with a magnifier ---or

About your  ----ZERO ?   oilpressure that is about normal for the mileage.
---use a 0 to 5 psi
gauge ----and you will find it is not zero.

Very important  ----- use long feelergauges and check piston fit in
cylinder. Ask Loren for the
spec  ----1 or 2 thou inch. ----they are tighties. Aircooled AME judgement
will not suffice.

I drive a pump every day with the same mileage ---works like stink ----test
the pump before
sending away.  Simple to do.


PS :  you asked if it was a good idea to pump done ? ---THAT is allways a
good idea.
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