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mikitka mikitka at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 8 22:18:20 EDT 2005

 Personally, a torque wrench is only as good as it's care of storage and
use. One hard knock against anything and it can loose it's calibration. I
have seen it time and again with the wrench's at work that we use on the
Pratt & Whitney F100-220 jet engines. Also they should be stored in a
temperature controlled environment, away from dust and moisture. We keep all
over ours in an environmentally controlled room and they get calibration
checked every 180 days. Now how important is it on a rebuild. Depends on who
you talk too. If torque spec's were not important then the assembly
instructions would just read, "torque nut/bolt good n' tight"  Just my

How critical is a good torque wrench for engine building? I have a cheapo 
150ft-lb 1/2" one (click type). Is this good enough, or should I borrow a 
better one, or get it checked? I'm using 15w40 oil for assembly, hope this 
is ok....

Shawn Wright
'85 Jetta D 
'88 Westy 2.1L, soon to be 1.6TD 5 speed
 (see progress at http://members.shaw.ca/vwdiesels)
'82 Diesel Westy

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