[Vwdiesel] hillbilly tuning

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Apr 9 13:04:10 EDT 2005

This is for Sandy Cameron and ALL  ---  Hillbilly Tuners ---- or to become Tuners.

In the past I failed to mentioned  ---- that yes you can use a bit or the whole ball of wax as you like

If you only want to test the Pump ?  sure ---then time by dial indicator.    why NOT ?.

Hillbilly Tuning is very unconventional  ----like Hagar  ----strange exentric  stuff.     BUT ?
do you want to argue with PERFORMANCE ?   ---then you are pissing in to the wind.

Ask any flyboy what that is like.

Yes Sandy Cameron you are well on your way ---to become an expert Hillbilly Tuner.
Remove that injector # 1  and lock your  Camshft in place   --- and make a NEW mark on
flywheel. With piston # 1  exactly TDC. ----be accurate   --  .  Before you finish   put your
Tourque wrench on Camshaft and pull 45 foot pounds ---if nothing moves it is OK.

To feel piston I use an old dipstick  (the flat type)  ---works for me.

Sandy Cameron I know you are a shoe in for testing the pumps ----- so your next move should be to make
a pressure gauge adaptor.  ----it took me  about 30 minutes to make one.   So if it takes one of you
half a day ?  ---you will never regret.

Lets face it if your pump pressure at idle is 1.0 bar and you time by dial indicator ?  ---you will 
never be happy. -----NEVER.---that is 

If you compare your Rabbit to Bunny Bondo  --girl   ---the most fun car I ever owned.  
1984 1.6L turbo Rabbit  --operated as an ECO  --getting 78 Miles to a gallon Imp  and
putting out an estimated 55 HP .  No smoke and sounds good. Turbo putting out about
5 PSI during normal driving.

Close to 300 000 km and never had an overhaul of engine or Turbo.   Did have new
rings and rod bearings  at    184 000 kms.

FUN   ?    I say ?  ---yes going by that Shell Station on the corner make me laugh --near every
time.  --- I got my first car in 1953 in San Antonio Texas.  --It was black   forget what it was
 fleetwood  chev ? was there such a thing. ?     6 cylinder inline. and manual --no automatic
tranney or power steering or brakes.

In all those years of driving --I never considered the cost of fuel  --until lately.   They say
that I am on a fixed income ? (they are IDIOTS)  --it is a deminishing income.  So now
I have to sharpen my screwdriver and Hillbilly TUNE.

By the way today is 09 April 2005  --that marks exactly 65 years since I saw (and heard) all those
diesel Panzers roll on to my home island of Amager. Denmark.

So it is brew time.  -----regardless.  ------    too bad I did not have an RPG.


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