[Vwdiesel] 1.5NA in an A2 Jetta?

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Hi, newbie here. I just discovered this discussion group the other day while
looking for VW FI pump info.  I have only just started to experience my very
first diesel engines. I have a lot of previous gas engine experience from my
hot rod days.  I have been playing around since January with a baffed 1984
Jetta 1.6 in a DIY power generator plant. I bought this engine back in Y2K
with the intent of building a power plant with it but never got a round tuit
until this year.  I had no idea the motor was toast until my project was
mostly built to the point  I could fire the engine.   I gave up as the
engine had huge blowby, next to no oil pressure (oil pump bypass is frozen
open) and almost impossible to start.

After much searching for another engine I just acquired a 1980, 1.5 engine
from a scrap dealer last week in hopes to get my genset working..  He said
the engine was good and it had been sitting in his heated shop for quite
some time.  He was going to use it himself in a forklift but didn't because
of the goofy starter arrangement.  I got it for a really good price.  I
discovered that the FI pump had serious problems.  In doing some research I
discovered that I could not simply use the good FI pump off my 1.6.  They
are different.  Injectors are different, head is different, head gasket is
different, block is different (bore at least).

I had to modify the FI pump mounting plate and the belt cover on the
1980-1.5 engine so that my 1984 -1.6 air conditioner pump bracket could
attach to the water pump bolts.  I use this special bracket to hold my
mechanical governor and as a motor mount for that corner of the engine in my
genset.  I was surprised and annoyed at the differences in the two engines
that I had to make time consuming machine shop modifications to accomodate.

>From what I've just learned, and I'm certainly no VW diesel expert I wanted
to say, "Shawn,  I guess if you don't have a complete 1.5 you might have
troubles implementing your plan."

Regarding my FI pump problem. I cannot seem to find an early FI pump
anywhere, and if they have sat a long time at a wrecker I am told they are
probably full of algae and gummed up beyond use.  The FI pump rebilders want
$400 to open mine up, probably much more they said to finish.  That is NOT
going to happen.  Fortunately I am having some success clearing mine out and
it seemed to be working fine this afternoon after two days of fiddling.  I
am pushing a 30% gasoline, diesel and 10W30 motor oil mix through it to
clean it out. I literally had to blow liquid fuel mix through it in both
directions with a compressed air nozzle, repeatedly while spinning the
drive.  My formula seems to be working.  Day one there was no injector
overflow return flow at all and the throttle had no effect.  It was
apparently stuck internally at WOT and very lean.  Day two throttle started
working and engine ran roughly to fair except I had to use pressurized air
on my fuel tank to get enough fuel into the FI pump.  After running roughly
for about 6 hours all of a sudden something cleared and voila, no more
pressure needed but still no injector overflow and return flow out of pump.
At this point the exhaust finally cleared right up.  Today it was very
cranky starting and smokey, not firing on all cylinders when cold for the
first 10 minutes. Once warm it was running fairly well but would foul after
idling a while and I'd have to rev it up to clear it out. After running for
about 4 hours today the return flow suddenly opened up and as result all my
injector return hoses started failing, acting like small sprinklers.  I
managed to swap the better fabric covered hoses from my 1984 engine and
brought the fuel leaks under control.  The engine ran without fouling for
the first time for the next several hours while I let it run at about 1200
RPM (wooden wedge in the throttle idle stop).  The exhaust stayed clean all
this time.  I will see how it starts tomorrow and hope to get the alternator
coupolker installed so I can load the engine and make it work.  This ought
to help clear up the injector pump even more.  The oil pressure is fantastic
and it is clear that this engine was completely rebuilt at some point.
There is no blowby problem or oil in the exhaust.  My fingers are crossed!


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> Has anyone tried an early 1.5 engine in an A2 Jetta? I have a parts block
> that appears rebuildable, so I was wondering if it might make a nice fresh
> engine for my Jetta some day. That way I could get it all ready, then swap
> it in a weekend with no downtime for the kid hauler...
> I'm thinking a fresh 1.5 might be about the same as a tired 1.6? (300k,
> compression around 380-420)
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