[Vwdiesel] 1.5NA in an A2 Jetta?

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Thanx for all the good, helpul, experience based info!  I explained that I
was no VW engine expert and the advice the paid professionals give you is
always 'suspect' as they usually have blinders on.  They probably never
'tried' to swap parts that the factory may have said weren't compatible.
They don't have to.  When you are DIY and trying to save $$$$ you try
radical ideas.  Often they work!

I had cleaned out the banjo bolt on the input side of the pump but haven't
yet removed the output side bolt.

BTW, the handle here is Rob

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> In doing some research I
> discovered that I could not simply use the good FI pump off my 1.6.  They
> are different.  Injectors are different, head is different, head gasket is
> different, block is different (bore at least).
>   Hate to burst your bursted bubble but You can bolt pretty much ANY pump
> onto any of the pre TDI VW engines and go with it.  The only differences
> anybody has found (other than the Vanagon throttle arm pumps) is some
> have longer or shorter "check valves" where the injector lines come out
> of the pump.  Your 1.6 pump should bolt right onto the 1.5 if you use the
> pump mount from your 1.6.  If you use the 1.5 mount then you have to
> tighten all three front pump mount bolts from the pump side whereas
> the 1.6 uses a nut you access through the pump pulley for one of
> them, the bottom one.
>   Yup injectors are different but completely interchangeable.  Kinda like
> using a 175/70 tire in place of a 155/80.  Different tire but same
> and works equally well for rolling the car down the road and speedo
> accuracy.
>   Head gasket is different yes because the bolt hole and oil return hole
> sizes are different with a little dependancy on the year.  Block is
> but the 1.6 has all the same mounting holes and bosses of a 1.5 plus.
>   Bore is the same, stroke makes it a 1.6 vs a 1.5 but pin to top height
> as well as pin diameter is different.
>   Save the gas for cold weather if needed.  Use 2 cycle oil or buy some
> Stanadyne fuel additive if you really want to help clean things out.
> it out at www.dieselpage.com.  Be sure to pull your "OUT" banjo bolt
> and clean out any crud that might be around or plugging the tiny metering
> hole in it.  Your injectors may be gunked up a bit and odds are that if
> are, half at best will clear out.  :-(  You can swap in the others if you
> like
> but with the age of that engine, they're probably not in the best shape
> either.
>   It's entirely possible your 1.6 engine is just gunked up from improper
> oil.  A little soaking of the rings, cleaning or swapping the pickup
> section of the oil pump might take care of most of the blowby and
> the oil pressure.  Of course you could have bad intermediate shaft
> bearings blowing the oil pressure too.   Hard starting could be bad
> glow plugs or low compression which could be stuck rings or really
> worn rings.  It's not typical for blowby to be so bad the engine won't
> run, etc.  A couple here have had a broken ring and heavier oil use
> and a slight miss was the main symptoms as I recall.
>   For the most part a 1.5 and 1.6 is interchangeable.  The big thing
> to watch with a 1.5 into an A2 body is that all the mounting holes
> are there for the motor mounts, PS pump, etc.  Otherwise it'll drop
> right in.  :-)
>     Loren
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