[Vwdiesel] Anyone else use a VW diesel or Changfa for an electric power generator?

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Thanx for the tips on the inline engines.  I assume these cars you mention
are VW's also?  Are you not concerned about engine balancing with flywheels
made for different style engines?

The 1.6 TD Jetta I am buying on Tuesday is a 1991.  Yes I'll be leaving it
in the car as a transporter.  A power plant cannot use the turbo unless I
want to use the engine at high speed and make 30+ kW of electricity.  A NA
loafing at 1800 will do the job for me.

I searched a long time for a 2 cylinder vintage design water cooled Lister 6
kw power plant before beginning to build my VW system.  The old Listers with
the single and twin cylinders and huge outboard flywheels running at 650 RPM
can rack up 100,000 hours between rebuilds and get super fuel economy.

Was the standby Lister powered genset you have at work a fairly modern
offering made by Hawkpower?


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> You may be able to save yourself some time by getting a Dasher, Fox, or
> bellhousing, starter & flywheel. I'm pretty sure they use a standard
flywheel and
> starter arrangement, but others here will know for sure.>
> Sounds like a good catch on the TD - they are a truly awesome engine, even
> than the NA.>
> Very interesting stuff. We have a few generators for emergency backup at
> (15kw Lister, and 250kw Cat), and I've always planned on getting one
someday when
> I move to acreage...
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