Fw: [Vwdiesel] Anyone else use a VW diesel or Changfa for an electricpowe...

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Mon Apr 11 00:58:35 EDT 2005

  Using the flywheel off of a Dasher, Quantum, Audi 4000 would give you a 
"normal" flywheel arrangement plus lays the starter alongside the exhaust 
side of the engine.
  Nothing wrong with considering a turbo on a setup like yours.  You just 
need a smaller turbo than they put on the cars.  Heck the cars could use 
a little smaller turbo than they put on the cars! (Quicker response.)  You'd 
get a cooler running engine, more efficiency and more available power if 
you wanted/needed it.  
  Dad and the other "stooges" have been buying some diesel equipment 
lately.  :-)  First was a Kubota 4 wheeler, then Dad bought a 6.5 or 7.5kw 
generator.  Last they bought a 22hp? powered water pump.  Dad was 
building a horizontal departure for the exhaust and we got on the subject 
of turbocharging it for better efficiency.  :-)  He agreed but commented 
we'd likely never convince his brothers of the value of it.  He then said 
that if that Kubota were mine or his alone, it'd be getting a turbo on it!  
Nice rig but with two people in it, it has a hard time making it up the 
paved road in high (automatic) gear range.  :-(  Again, Curly and Mo'd 
probably never go for it.  ;-)
  He's kicked around the ideal of turbocharging his harvest tractor, a 
MF 135 even if he'd have to pay it out of his own pocket.  First I want 
to find out if some of the 2 series MF wet brake axles/planetary's would 
bolt on for good brakes.  Then I'd have to find the time!  They're also 
kicking around the possibility of charging the Ford since it's getting 
close to rebuild time, about 5K hours or so I think.
  I went through the carb on the Jeep ('66 Mustang 200CI engine) so that 
it could be used since it ran like crap and you have to get to work early 
if you want to nab the Kubota!  Geez, all the missing parts!  Check ball 
and weight for the accelerator pump, fast idle cam/weight, choke pull-off 
linkage, busted air filter bolt mount, and the internal power valve piston 
just fell out of the bowl lid!  Sheesh!  Runs pretty good now even without 
a fast idle.
  Might need some help sometime redesigning a late 70's 454 for their 
main truck one of these days too, if someone here knows the in's and 
out's of the different head/piston combinations for real compression (not
8.5:1 and less!)

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