[Vwdiesel] Nicks supersmoker/oilburner

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Apr 11 11:18:14 EDT 2005

and read James Hansen   ----he said hit it while the torquewrenct is on.   that is what I do too.
James said hit the socket to drive the pulley on a bit more firmly, but not
while the torque wrench is on...  the last bit is important...

Sorry James Hansen for NOT getting it right.   -------- I do not hit Socket   I hit the sprocket.    
it a matter of FEEL   if it moves with small blows then it was not completely seated on
the taper.

I read Lorens version very carefylly  ------ and  think too that in the end a lot of these bolts are a LOT
tighter than 33 foot Lbs.     ---   I do not know what mine is ---BUT I shall find out  ---I know the
bolts did not move  at 45 foot lbs.   --- I would be little surpriced if it turns out that they are way

This issue warrants a LOT of attention ------considering   Val Christians , Shalyns and Mark Shepherds
testimony.    ----that should give anybody nightmares.(and now this one).

I was FOOLED in to a feeling of security --seeing the keyway in the shaft.    NEVER NEVER   would
I have dreamed that there was NO KEY ?.    Thanks to Val Christian   I am safe now.

Thanks Val. ---boy this forum  --?    IS great.


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