[Vwdiesel] Anyone else use a VW diesel or Changfa for an electricpower generator?

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My plan is to leave the 91 Jetta with the 1.6 TDI intact and fix it up to
put on the road as inexpensive transportation!  The NA 1.5 has now been
installed in the power plant and I am just dealing now with a flywheel
incompatibility issue.  The 1984, 1.6 NA flywheel and flexplate are
different to the 1980, 1,5.


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> Rob, I am very surprised you found a 91 1.6TD (Eco
> Diesel) motor before you came across a 1.6NA motor in
> an older jetta or golf.  Seems a waste to use a TD
> motor on something that needs a NA.
> I think you said your other motor was 1.5L, not sure
> if your NA intake and exhaust monifold from that head
> will fit this 1.6 hydraulic lofter head?
> 1.6NA stuff should be easy to find to replace the TD
> stuff.  The 1.6TD stuff has good value on e-bay and
> may get 1/2 your money back that you baught the car
> for if you are lucky.
> About how much does the generator that actually makes
> the power cost, just wondering?
> Bryan
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